Monday, October 18, 2010

Piercing On Head and Ear 2010

It's really brave of these people do piercing on her head was fantastic and interesting, and if you want to emulate these styles please see my blog and make sure you visit my blog every day because I will show examples of piercing which is fantastic for the copy ok ...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dragon Tattoos - Bringing to Life the Dragon

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Dragons have been forged into an art that has flourished into thousands of dragon tattoo designs. They have appeared on the arms of men and has embellished the backs of many as a full cover tattoo. Women has also fancied the dragon tattoos as well, tattooing their bodies with tribal dragons, fantasy and cute dragon tattoos, like those depicted in fairy-tales. The symbol of the mighty and powerful beast has been a part of the tattooing designs for decades and it still continues today.

Dragons are mythical creatures of past folklore and legends. They have had a part in stories of fairy-tales, movies and books throughout our history. The myth of dragons believed they once roamed this vast world and many legends can be discovered throughout many cultures. Each culture having their own knowledge about them and are commonly known as being fierce, powerful and mighty. But dragons can also be revered as being respectable and that of good nature. As with some cultures, they are regarded as being a symbolic representation for good luck and good fortune.

Because of the widespread of dragon fables and the symbolic representation that they carry, numerous people have decided to get tattoos of dragons. In many civilizations dragon tattoos have been a part of their body-art designs for ages. Adorning their skin with the mighty image of a dragon, the dragon tattoos have grown in popularity very much in the same fashion the legends have spread.

The designs are very popular among men but women are just as fascinated and captivated by the designs just as much. The dragon designs are overwhelming and have many styles and ways of being interpreted onto the skin. Tattoo designs of fantasy dragons, Japanese, Chinese, Celtic and many others have bought to life, this magnificent creature of our past. Many people have tattooed the image for the symbolic meanings behind them and some, for its pure majestic looks.

Dragon tattoo designs have become so popular it is sometimes considered as the first tattoo to get by most men. The tattoo of dragons seem to have a positive and negative side to them. They can be symbolize as strength and power and at the same time be considered mischievous and destructive. Regardless dragon tattoos are a favorite design many people choose to consider.

Aksi Unik Huang Xianfu yang Mengerikan

435Share Tidak diragukan lagi, orang China sangat cerdas serta mereka memiliki cara yang unik yang berbeda untuk menjaga diri fit. Mungkin pergi ke gym atau melakukan sedikit dari Tai Chi, tapi Mr Huang Xianfu mengambil pohon untuk latihan rutin setiap hari dengan tali. Di pinggir jalan Chengdu, dia praktek seperti ini pada usia 64. Lihat beberapa gambar awesome tentang Mr Huang Xianfu.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being Careful With Dragon Tattoo Designs

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As with anything that will last forever, you should be cautious when you pick it out. This is especially true for dragon tattoo designs. First time tattooers may not realize the complications they will face if they do not think about their tattoo well enough ahead of time. Draw it out yourself on the part of skin you are thinking of designing. Use pen or marker so it will last a few days. If you do not get sick of it then that is the first step.

The colors of the dragon design should also be carefully selected. If you get lighter colors, they will fade and blend in with your skin tone. This can ruin a dragon tattoo if it is not regularly freshened up with new ink. If you opt to get your whites, pinks, and yellows redone every six months or so, you can find yourself with a hefty maintenance bill. Darker colors fade, too, but they will show up better for far longer.

Do not rush into tattoos. Give thought to how they affect your future. If you aspire to do office or business work, will you have a tougher time succeeding due to a visible dragon tattoo? Often business courses instruct pupils never to have any tattoos showing. This is because there is a social stigma on people with tattoos. They may not be hired due to that, even if they are perfectly qualified.

What about other occasions? Do you have any events that will require you to dress up, say, for a wedding? Would a dragon tattoo mar how you want to look that day? Does your fairy tale wedding dress include a dragon tattoo showing on your arm? If you do not think it would bother you, then you can start looking for a place to get the work done.

Make sure when you consult the artist he or she gives you a price--preferably in writing. Some jobs can take hours. Artists who take longer get paid more. Get your price up front before you are under the needle and find your dragon tattoo design only half finished when you have exceeded your price range.

Pick a place that has excellent reviews and a good sanitary record. Ask around and do your research. You will find a big division between good places and bad. Look at examples of the artist's work. Perhaps you will not like his or her style of dragon tattoo designs.

Tato-tato yang Unik dan Aneh

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